God's power working in us can accomplish far more
than we can ask or imagine.
To Live -- To Follow -- To Share God
Where We Are

201 South Wilbur Avenue
Sayre, Pennsylvania 18840

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A note from Fr. Glenn


I think that every human being is a unique unrepeatable miracle of God!  Jesus calls us to a life in which (with God’s help!) we all can seek to respect the dignity of every human being, to be compassionate and bear one another’s burdens, to stand up for justice and proclaim peace.  My goal is to encourage as well as challenge the community of believers to love and accept others as we all have been loved and accepted by Christ. This includes all ages, from the Sunday School children who I sing with in the Children’s chapel to the elderly I bring communion to in the pew because they can no longer make it up the stairs to the communion rail.  Everyone is of value here!

 I recognize that no community does a walk of faith perfectly, people make mistakes and everyone has some doubts along the way.  I know firsthand how difficult it is to walk through the door of a Church.  There are many circumstances that bring us to be a part of a faith community. It is my hope that every person who enters our doors feels cared for and knows that they are within the reach of Christ.  

Please consider joining us on the wondrous journey of faith!  Working together we can and will move forward and live in hope.  Come and join us as we learn through experience together to walk in faith and not just by sight.  If you have any questions or just wish to chat, please call or email me at credeemer@stny.rr.com or 570-888-2270.  

Fr. Glenn

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The Church of the Redeemer

201 South Wilbur Ave. Sayre, PA 18840


Parish Office:   credeemer2@stny.rr.com

Rector:  credeemer@stny.rr.com

In Emergency call Fr. Glenn at 607-226-6882

Deacon:  hazelhunt@epix.net

Marcella Chaykosky, Organist

Jerry Evans, Parish Administrator

Office Hours

Mon.-Fri. 8:30 am- 11:30 am

Worship (September – May) – Sat. @ 5:15pm and  Sundays @ 8 and 10:30am

Informal service on Wednesdays in the parlor at 12:05

Summer Worship (June – August)  Sat. @ 5:15pm & Sunday at 9:30am

Informal service on Wednesdays in the parlor at 12:05


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