Our Mission at Redeemer

At Redeemer we are a faith community which seeks to:

  • Show the love of God in our daily lives
  • Share the good news which Jesus brought to the world
  • Become less self-oriented
  • Involve every person in the work and life of the Church
  • Use our resources to serve the world and community in which we live
  • To support to the mission of the Church at home and abroad.

As a community we come together each week to worship God not just for solace in our own lives but for strength to live out God’s purpose in our church and in our world.  We are a Parish who gives our time and resources to serve the young people and teens in our congregation, to provide a free meal for those in the community, to visit the sick and elderly.   We try to support one another and be there for one another both in good times and in difficulties and struggles.  We sing God’s praise and seek God’s will through prayer and reflection on the scriptures.  We also seek God’s presence in our lives and our world.  We have challenges and we have struggles, we certainly don’t claim to have arrived at our ultimate destination.  We are a  people on a journey of faith and we have a great time traveling the road together.  We hope you will join us on the way!