Building Projects


The building of Redeemer is a jewel within the community of Sayre.

There are many projects which help to keep the building safe and in good condition.

The major roof repairs we completed in 2013 provide a solid foundation for the future.

The repairs following the frozen pipe and flooding in January is ongoing, but we will end up with a more freeze resistant upgraded heating system as a result.

The repairs of the chapel walls will be completed this Spring as the snows and rains subside and we can dry out the area.

We have a wonderful group of people in the Parish who help keep the walks cleared of snow, the grass mowed, the gardens maintained and the leaves raked.

There are always more projects to do, and fortunately, there are willing and able people in the Parish who give of their time, money and energy to keep the property in good condition.

If  you would like to work on any of the projects around the property, please contact our Junior Warden, Tracy Schamel, or contact the Parish Office and we’ll get you on board!

Together we make it happen!